Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Nerdy Hobby

     Last night I typed out this long blog post, and while I was reading through it to check for spelling errors I decided that it was really boring....  so I deleted it! I started to think about the people who actually take three minutes out of their day to read my pointless posts, and I got embarrassed. I used to think only my mom read this thing, but somehow I got 150 views on my first post. So, unless my mom is reading the same post over and over again which is possible, I have some new followers :)
     This is exciting and embarrassing at the same time. I obviously want people to read what I have to say, but lets be honest blogging is kind of a nerdy hobby of mine! Last year I started reading blogs, and I became addicted. Some of them are funny, informative, or just make you feel good inside. Whenever I am bored or looking for things to put off studying I usually find myself reading blogs. I guess I can use the saying, "As long as you know you're a nerd, then it's okay" for this situation....  I think I just made that saying up, but it sounds good huh? 
      Anyways, just to clear things up... Yes, blogging is nerdy! But I'm okay with that.

Now I will leave you with my new favorite song... Enjoy! :)

I feel like I can relate this song to my life. Everyone makes mistakes or decisions that they end up regretting in the future, but it's what you do to get past those things that make you a better person in the long run. I'm still working on this now, but I feel like I truly do always grow from my mistakes.  

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Let's do this again...

After a couple months off from blogging, I figured today would be the day that I start it all up again. 

First a few ground rules...
1. I am going to make at least one hundred grammar and spelling mistakes! This probably isn't a good thing considering I am going to be a teacher in two years, but that's besides the point.
2. I am no longer going to blog everyday. It started becoming more of a job to blog rather than a passion, so now I will only blog when I have something interesting to say or have the time. 
3. My posts are going to be completely random!

Why am I blogging again?
Well, last weekend I saw the movie The Help with my mommy and the Brown's. When the movie was over my mom asked me if I cried. Of course I responded with, "No, I don't cry in movies but I did feel sad." (I do have feelings people). Anyways, I absolutely loved this movie, in fact I kept thinking about it days later. It was such a touching movie with a great message! I love movies that make you laugh, and feel good inside, and this was definitely one of those kinds of movies! So, for all of my blog lovers out there a.k.a my family haha, it was this movie that made me want to blog again! I feel like it is so important for everyone to voice their own opinions, and one way I do that is by writing. I have strong opinions on just about EVERYTHING! This can be a good quality, and a bad quality at times... you can just ask my mom. I am still grasping the concept of, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." I've been working on it for 20 years now, but maybe this will be the year that I finally learn to use my filter as my mom likes to say. So, I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope I can provide y'all with a good laugh every now and then! :)

** I am leaving for cross country camp tomorrow, so you will have to wait until Tuesday to hear from me again... bummer! I wish I could blog while at camp, but considering we are going to the middle of no where I don't think internet access is going to be an option.